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Would it be counter productive to be a dedicated Wine photographer? 
(Image appears in Beretta's spring 2014 catalog)

American Cowboy

Photo spread and Bio published in the Feb/March issue of American Cowboy.

Denver Light rail

Here's a shot from a project I've been working on for a local property management firm. 
"our property is near a light rail station!"

Sandhills Cowboys

Everything I knew about branding calves before this weekend is out the window.  I spent a few days last week at a family friend's ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska.  The ranch is located in Cherry County, which is larger than each of the states of Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island.  My two-day crash course on how to properly wrestle a "doagie" was a blast, but I'm not cut out for doing it everyday. I got roughed up and was in the way of the cowboys doing the real work, but I got a few images documenting the process. Enjoy.